Housing Programs

3 Steps to Funding Your Project with LAHTF

(1) READ the Program Guidelines then send in the pre-application.
(2) Upon approval to move forward, submit the full application with all supporting documents.
(3) Forward the appropriate application fee within 5 days of application submission.

In 2021, Louisville Metro Government allocated $10 million in funds for the LAHTF FY’2022 funding year. The funds will be used as follows:

  • $9.75 Million for development activities, rehab/reuse of vacant/abandoned properties, and mixed income projects integrating low income housing, of which:

1. $2.5 million reserved for units reserved for households with incomes up to and equal to 30% AMI.

2. $2.5 million reserved for units reserve for households with income up to and equal to 50% AMI.

                  3. Balance to be used for households up to and equal to 80% AMI.

  • At least $3 million will be used for the Trust Fund’s Revolving Loan fund.
    • Full or partial repayment may be required (based on population served and underwriting); and,
    • Range of 0% to 3% interest rate.
  • $250,000 for program administration, of which $25,000 will be used to create a grant pool for Supportive Housing Services.

Additionally, more than $3 million remains from the 2021 Adopt-A-Block homeownership projects located in areas with a high concentration of vacant and abandoned structures or lots. The goal of this program is to address vacant/abandoned properties through the creation of direct purchase or lease-purchase opportunities.  The program shall concentrate on areas included in the Tax Diversion District (TDD) ordinance. All projects must be located in an area of high concentration of vacant and abandoned structures or lots.  Purchasers of homes shall commit to living in them for periods of fifteen (15) years and shall agree that if the homeowner leaves prior to the end of that period proceeds will be repaid to LAHTF or the property must be sold to another home buyer meeting the program’s income limitations.  Additionally, LAHTF’s application scoring shall include preferences for contractors who offer new employment, training, and sub-contracting opportunities to low- and very low-income residents of the areas where the projects are located and businesses that substantially employ these persons.

The LAHTF and Louisville CARES has created an online Pre-application Portal as a prerequisite to apply for funding through either the LAHTF or Louisville CARES. The pre-application is designed to obtain necessary information to direct applicants to the most appropriate funding source.  Use this link, , to complete the pre-application for funding.

Download the 2022 Application Guidelines

Housing Development

Eligible uses for development funds include:

Eligible uses of funds include:

  • Land/site;
  • Sustaining/preserving affordable housing;
  • Construction loan financing;
  • Gap funding or reasonable developer subsidy (which may include forgivable loans); and,
  • Low cost, permanent financing (terms and interest rates based on pro forma review to determine the ability to repay).

Funds may only be used on eligible affordable housing projects located in Louisville-Jefferson County. If funded, projects will be governed by the cumulative information contained in these guidelines, as well as any applicable federal, state, and local requirements.

Recipients of funds will be expected to be familiar with and adhere to the guidelines and project design requirements described in this document and other applicable LAHTF documents.

Download the 2022 Housing Development Funding Application | Spec Sheet Template | Internal Cost Cert Template | Sources and Uses

Supportive Housing

The Louisville Affordable Housing Trust Fund has allocated Funding Dollars to assist those programs or services that do not fit the Trust Fund definition of a Development Project. By definition, Supportive Housing Services (SHS) are a combination of housing and services intended as a cost-effective way to help people live more stable, productive lives.

Services may include, but are not limited to programs that:

  • Provide HUD approved housing counseling and education services;
  • Provide employment and workforce housing skills;
  • Increase household financial stability; and
  • Other Programs as submitted and deemed to align with ensuring the success of a housing project development plan focused on serving Low to Moderate Income Individuals as that term is defined by US
  • Mental Health Counseling

For more information, see the Project/Program Guidelines.

*Funds may only be used on eligible affordable housing programs located in Louisville-Jefferson County. If funded, projects will be governed by the cumulative information contained in these guidelines, as well as any applicable federal, state, and local requirements.

Download the 2022 Supportive Housing Services Grant Application

Northeast Christian Church - Love the 'Ville Outreach Ministry Homeowners' Loan Program

Outreach at the Northeast Christian Church (NECC) connects stakeholders to service opportunities and nonprofit partners who are bringing peace and prosperity to people in our city. Northeast Christian Church takes their services to the streets asking one question: “How can we help? From this question came the answer: Love The Ville! A movement on a mission to unleash Jesus’ love every day, to everybody, everywhere by meeting needs in the community.

As a part of their mission, NECC has awarded a $50,000 Grant to the Louisville Affordable Housing Trust Fund (LAHTF). This award will allow the LAHTF to continue assisting homeowner’s in Jefferson County, in making needed property repairs. The LAHTF will use these dollars to create a small pool of low-interest rate loans, for low-income borrowers.

The Home Owners’ Loan Assistance Program (HOLAP) is made possible through this grant from the NECC, the first donation of its kind made to LAHTF.

Who is eligible?

  • Household income must be less than <80% AMI. If your income falls under the maximum incomes in the chart below, you pass the income test!
  • 580 Credit Score required. Other credit criteria may apply.
  • Only one (1) mortgage lienholder allowed at the time of application.
  • Must be able to support a $50 monthly payment.
  • 2 years of residency required.

Applicants also will be required to attend one (1) hour of credit counseling to develop a budget, learn their credit score, and develop an Individual Financial Plan. Applicants also will be charged a $25 application fee to apply. All other fees will be paid from loan proceeds.

HUD AMI Chart:

Number of Persons in the Family 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Household Low Income Limit (80%)


Household Very Low Income Limit (50%)


Household Extremely Low Income Limit (30%)

























































Download Program Brochure | Download Loan Application