How can I help the LAHTF help my community?

The Louisville Metro Affordable Housing Trust Fund, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation that welcomes charitable contributions.

LAHTF is a WIN for everyone!

The entire community wins when all residents have a safe and decent place to live. People like EMT workers, bank tellers, veterans and many hospital workers help to make our community a better place. Let’s find a way to provide a place to call HOME for everyone!

What does the LAHTF do?

The LATHF facilitates the development and rehabilitation of decent, affordable housing by making grants and loans, providing technical support, and enabling builders and developers to construct affordable housing with less financial risk.

Can you afford to rent this unit?

With grant funding from the Louisville Bar Foundation and the LAHTF, the Metropolitan Housing Coalition (MHC) is partnering with the Louisville Urban LeagueLegal Aid Society Louisville, and the Lexington Fair Housing Council to create Renter Center, a rental readiness program designed to educate renters about their rights and responsibilities and how to have a successful tenure as a renter. Renter Center will include a series of short videos on a variety of important renting topics and access to renter resources, such as an affordability calculator. The latest videos focus on, “Disability Rights” and “Rent Assistance”. Stay tuned as MHC continues develop Renter Center and to produce videos with Beargrass Media and host educational forums across Louisville.

Are you ready to get involved?

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