The Louisville Affordable Housing Trust Fund (LAHTF) and Louisville Creating Affordable Residences for Economic Success program (CARES) are two distinct programs that work together with many partners in the Louisville area to provide quality, affordable housing. Each housing project is unique, complex and often depends on multiple funding streams to serve a range of incomes and tenants.

Since 2017, the LAHTF has received more than $22 million in funding for development projects and supportive housing grants that are located throughout Louisville. By Louisville Metro Ordinance, at least half of all funding MUST be used for families with household income equal to or less than 50% Area Median Income. Using the 2019 AMI chart released by the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development, that means that the MAXIMUM INCOME a family of four can make is $38,200. It also includes ALL incomes under that amount.

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